Yingluck says Thailand to use “Advance Drones” to monitor current flooding

13751468741375146896lSeveral local press reports that Yingluck has ordered Thai officials to use “Advance Drones” to monitor the current flooding in Thailand, supplementing the current, ground based, live video feed, of critical points in the Thai water management system. It is unclear, if the “Advance Drones” will be Thai made or foreign made, as Thailand, has an ambition, to be the ASEAN “Advance Drones” manufacturing base and the Thai military have produced a number of models, that some are already in use with the military. Apart from Thailand’s drones ambition, in ASEAN, Indonesia have also set an ambitious drones hub plan. The current flood in Thailand, have flooded about 25% of Thailand and killed about 10 people, putting some industrial estate at risk of flooding. However, large Thai dams, mostly are about 60% filled, and can take up a great deal more of water, lessening the prospect of the repeat of a massive flooding a few years back. However, the Administrative Court, have delay the government anti-flood building program, with most neutral observer saying the court seems ignorant to global warming and adverse weather patterns hitting the globe.

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