Thailand revving up Bio Economy: First academy globally followed by product labeling

Composite image showing the global distributio...

Composite image showing the global distribution of photosynthesis, including both oceanic phytoplankton and vegetation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thailand is revving up its push into a Bio Economy, defined as products and service from lifescience. First was the establishment of the globe’s First Bio Economy Academy in Thailand. And now the Thai Natural Resource and Environment Ministry and the Thai Biodiversity Based Economy Development Office has launch a Bio Economy product and service “Labeling” to promote Thailand’s Bio Economy concept. About two weeks ago, the global leader in intellectural property law, Rouse, Thailand’s Biodiversity Based Economy Development Office (BEDO) and the United Nations Development Agency have entered into partnership to launch the world’s first BioEconomy Academy. The Academy (BEA) will enhance the use within Thailand of intellectual property (IP), environmental legal tools such as the Convention on Biological Diversity, and patents to protect and utilise in a sustainable manner the country’s bio-resources and traditional knowledge. Fabrice Mattei, Executive and Country Manager of Rouse Thailand, said: “Rouse is proud to be working with BEDO and UNDP to empower local communities, helping them to enhance the value of their bio-resources and traditional knowledge.  We are keen to give back to the communities and places in which we operate. Via BEA, we plan to empower Thai businesses and local communities by helping them to understand and exercise their intellectual property rights.  Intellectual Property law and other environmental legal tools will help local communities identify and make the most of all opportunities.  We hope that this will help Thai communities to propser as the beneficiaries of their local resources and knowledge.” (Source)


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