Thailand’s Security & Exchange Commission in massive drive to lift Thais “Money Management Skill”

English: Thais working in her studio

English: Thais working in her studio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Thailand’s Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) is in a massive drive to up Thais understanding of “Money Management” reports Matichon, a newspaper for the progressive intellect here in Thailand. According to the newspaper the SEC has signed a MOU, with 14 high profile, important Thai power centers, to jointly help lift Thais money management skill, particularly, money management for the future, such as for retirement. Recently, there have been a great deal of talk and analysis, as to how many Asian countries, are ill prepared for the aging of the population, including Thailand. Some of the 14 units the SEC hasd signed an MOU with, includes the Thai insurance regulator, the Thai bond market, the stock exchange of Thailand, the stock analyst association, Thailand mutual fund association, Thailand’s stock broker association, the financial planner association of Thailand, the civil servant retirement fund, to Thai social security office and other. (Source)

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