From flood to intelligence, Administrative Court lays “Destructive Path” across Thailand (Up-Date 1)



Long known to serve the Thai elite establishment, to even nullifying a general election because the vote casting booth set-up direction, the Thai administrative court, continues to “Wreck Dissaster” to Thailand, that stands against its pro-establishment path. About 25% of Thailand is currently, flooded, with the public in fear of a repeat of massive flooding a few years back. One solution to that flooding crisis, is a about US$ 10 to 15 billion anti-flooding building plan by the Yingluck’s government. As always, to stop Yingluck, many Thais petitioned to the administrative court, that the building plan is against the law. The administrative court, indeed agreed, and delays the anti flood building plan. The latest, several local press reports, is that the lower court, of the administrative court system, has told the Supreme Administrative Court on Tuesday that the alleged unfair transfer of former National Security Council (NSC) chief Thawil Pliensri, was indeed a wrongful act by Yingluck, setting up the prospect that Yingluck will be topple from power, as the case proceeds through the elite establishment controlled Thailand’s various justice system. A recent poll of tha Thais, said 54% of those responding, says law and the Thai constitution, is a cause of the political conflict in Thailand. On this Yingluck re-moval of Tawil, most neutral observer says, apart from the obvious objective to topple Yingluck,  Thawil was appointed to the post by Abhisit, where according to Thai law, the head of the NSC, must sit at cabinet meeting, where neutral observer says, Tawil is clearly close to Abhisit and there would be no secret between Tawil and Abhisit. The Yingluck cabinet, with Thawil, will not be able to function, says most observer. It should also be noted, that interpreting law aside, the head of the NSC, as a long custom at the NSC, are always replaced, with the in-coming new government.

(Up-Date 1) The flooding in Thailand may get a bit more worse before getting better, as a new storm may be hitting Thailand, and so some dams are releasing water in preparation for new water. Yingluck is out trying to help people who are hut by the flooding, and tightening up the flood management response ability. Meanwhile a debate rage in Thailand about a dam, Mae Wong, that the local people wants to stop a flood and drought yearly cycle, but environmentalist, back by mostly Bangkok’s hate Yingluck people, does not want the dam and trying to pick a fight with the government, where a journalist is helping to lead the environmentalist effort, who turns out to be close to Abhisit. Yingluck has backed-down from the dam’s building and trying to listen to all side, trying to seperate the politics from the real issue.



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