Science Minister: “The target is for Thai R&D to match global average in 4-5 years”


Cutting (Photo credit: gothick_matt)

Business Plus magazine, part of the prestigious ARIP publication group, in an interview with Thailand’s Science Minister, says the Thai Science Minister, Peraphan has target Thai R&D spending at the global average, being 1% of GDP, up from current 0.25% of GDP. Peraphan says the Thai figure of 0.25% is comparable to many developing country, but falls far short of the average of industrialized country, with R&D spending at above 2% of GDP. He says that Thailand’s competitiveness ranking, on science and technology, is at about 45th place globally, which is a disappointment and that on people involved in R&D per 10,000, Thailand stands at 9 R&D person per 10,000, while the global average is 15 person per 10,000. Peraphan says these low numbers is a situation that is critical for the Science Ministry to address and bring them up to global standard.


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