Ministry of Commerce’s hits 1 million customer

found photo: business leaders

found photo: business leaders (Photo credit: squareintheteeth)

Business Plus magazine, part of the prestigious ARIP group of publication, reports the Ministry of Commerce‘s International Trade Department run,, has gotten 1 million hits from customer. is a website, with information on Thai goods and services, meant to help foreign and Thai businesses “Match” their interest. Business Plus magazine quotes, Srirath, head of the International Trade Department as saying Thailand’s exporters and business people in general, are experience grave difficulties in international trade, with currency markets pushing up the value of the Thai bath making Thai product less competitive, and that global economy is in the early stages of recovery, also hurting business prospect. However, Srirath, says the department is trying to assist business people, with increase business matching opportunity. Most neutral Thai economist says this year, Thai exports is expected to be flat, with at best, recording a 5 to 10% expansion. Apart from being mainly about “Business Matching Opportunity” the website also serves Thai SMEs, acting as a central point for “One Stop Solution” for the various problems Thai SMEs face.


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