Thaksin and Red Shirts say “The Invisible Hand” has entered the scene again!

Red Shirts protest on Ratchaprasong intersecti...

Red Shirts protest on Ratchaprasong intersection in 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Long known in Thailand, is the existence of the “Invisible Hand”  who like the Mafia Boss in the movie “The God Father” pull the strings behind the scene, and direct what happens, like a puppet master. Thailand is a fragile country, on the political side, and jitters on top of jitters is common. The latest jitters, report several local press that both Thaksin and the Red Shirts, have an in sync message. That message is,  Thai elite establishment’s “Invisible Hand” is cooking up a plan to topple Yingluck, with the toppling date, set by early next month. Meanwhile, Abhisit’s Democrat Party, spokesman, Chavanond, says there is no such thing as “Invisible Hand” or “An Elite Establishment.” But Chavanond said, however, that Yingluck knows that the government’s time is close at ending. Ending the argument about “The Invisible Hand” is an MP who is close to Yingluck, saying, Abhisit will not get lucky, and end up being the Prime Minister again, any time soon.

There is little detail given, to what Thaksin ans Chavanond and the Red Shirts are talking about, except that according to fortune tellers, towards the start of next month, is a bad time “Star Wise” for the Yingluck government. While the concept seems a bit un-real, the Thai elite establishment is deeply into “Fortune Telling” for example, the 2006 Coup, was conducted on a day, that a famous fortune teller said the coup would succeed. Some press, however, are making a serious analysis of those “Topple Yingluck Words” words as meaning it will either or in combination, of a major protest, combined from the various groups that are currently protesting and the use of a “Judicial Coup” to put a break on Yingluck. That “Judicial Coup” relates to a number of parliament bills, like budget and infrastructure borrowing, and other rulings, that could stop the Yingluck’s government from functioning. Then there are other cases, that could in theory, topple Yingluck from power.

Many neutral observer of Thailand are divided on what to think, but most agree that the risk of toppling Yingluck by the elite establishment is real, as the elite establishment have a long track record of doing exactly that since Yingluck came to power and the cases against Yingluck’s government and the “Judicialization of Thailand” are real factors and risk. But, that real concern, is balanced also, with that Thaksin and the Red Shirts, may just be beefing up the ranks and files of their supporters by inciting potential risk, in an effort to use the beef up ranks and files, to confront a period on high risk.

The fact is, Thaksin, politically, have gone short, for what ever reason, covering some risk.


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