USA Security Assistance Organization (SAO) in Thailand, JUSMAGTHAI, prep for big 60 birthday celebration

Soldiers from Charlie Company 2-1 Infantry, Fo...

Soldiers from Charlie Company 2-1 Infantry, Fort Wainwright, Alaska, instruct the Thai Military Forces during a platoon battle drill attack as a part of COBRA GOLD 2001 exercises. COBRA GOLD ’01 is regularly scheduled, joint-combined exercise designed to ensure regional peace and strengthen the ability of the royal Thai Armed Forces to defend Thailand or respond to regional contingencies. This year’s exercise, the 20th in the series, will focus on peace enforcement operations. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The Thai military establishment is preparing to celebrate JUSMAGTHAI 60th birthday in Thailand, with things like a combined Thai military band practicing. And the JASMAGTHAI office at the Royal Thai Supreme Command is getting a face-lift.

For those who loves the issue of global security and stability, the birthday celebration will bring back good memories of how close Thailand and USA are. But for those who cherish Democracy, Liberty and Justice in Thailand, the date will be remembered with a great deal of skepticism of how the USA military establishment, have always supported the anti-democracy Thai military establishment. It should also be noted, that the USA have taught Thai soldiers in sniper tactics and urban warfare. No one, needs to be reminded what the Thai military have used those skill for.

JUSMAGTHAI is the U.S. Security Assistance Organization (SAO) in Thailand, as well as the in country OPR for all U.S. bilateral and multilateral military exercises and operations conducted in Thailand. The Chief of JUSMAGTHAI is the U.S. Defense Representative (USDR) in Thailand. In addition to its military chain of command, JUSMAGTHAI is also responsible to the U.S. Ambassador to Thailand. Unlike most SAOs, JUSMAGTHAI has primary responsibility, or otherwise directly supports, a variety of missions. These include a robust Joint Combined bilateral Exercise Program (averaging over 40 exercises a year), one of the largest International Military Education and Training (IMET) programs in the world, Humanitarian Demining, and Counterdrug missions.

Although JUSMAGTHAI coordinates with many U.S. Government organizations in the U.S. Embassy, JUSMAGTHAI is not physically located in the embassy and is not a part of the U.S. Defense Attache’s Office (USDAO). JUSMAGTHAI is located in a Royal Thai Supreme Command military compound of six 3-story buildings located approximately two kilometers from the U.S. Embassy, on Sathorn tai Road.

The JUSMAGTHAI website is designed primarily as an information source for Department of Defense personnel who travel to or through Thailand for US Government duties, and contains a wide variety of information including JUSMAG Points of Contact, a Thailand holiday calendar, hotel information and force protection surveys, Foreign Clearance guidance, Visa and Passport guidance, area maps, medical resource information and much more. While we strive to maintain this information as up to date as possible, JUSMAGTHAI is not manned with any Information Technology (IT) specialists, and website maintenance is performed as an additional duty within limited capabilities. (Source)


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