Sign of a failed State: Thailand’s Human Rights Commission take side with violent protesters

Large rubber plantations are generally seen al...

Large rubber plantations are generally seen along the Main Eastern Highway (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The long known to be anti Thaksin, anti Yingluck and serve the elite establishment,  Thai Human Rights Commission, have sent representatives to take account from rubber protesters, as to the harm the state has done to their health from the police using tear gas, and also damage to their property. The rubber farmers, protesting for government subsidy of rubber, then turned into a political tool of Abhisit‘s Dems, and the Thai police have namely clashed twice, since the rubber protest went on protest. The first clash resulting in about 10 police injured from the rubber protest attack of the line of police, keeping a road open, where the rubber protesters, threw bricks and acid on police. The second clash is mostly a repeat of the first, but this time about 25 police were hurt from protester‘s rocks and acid attack. Apart from the injured police, the protesters burned about 10 police vehicles and stole a large number of trucks, including dangerous gas transport trucks, to block roads. As of this reporting, there have been no reports of injured protesters. Most neutral observer say, the Human Rights Commission, should go to see the many injured police still in hospital, to get a balance view. The commission recently published its findings on the crack-down that killed about 100 prople a few years back, and mostly blamed the Red Shirts for all the turmoil.


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