Rumor is Thaksin has a mistress, but in the Thai context “Most Thai Guys have Mistress?”

English: BANGKOK. President Putin with Thai Pr...

English: BANGKOK. President Putin with Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. Русский: БАНГКОК. С Премьер-министром Таиланда Таксином Чинаватом. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I sit here and read the following article from Khao Sod, I am just taken aback with the issue of mistress, in the Thai context. I mean in Thailand, it seems every guy has a mistress and so what is the big deal, if Thaksin and Baitoey are having a relationship? Thaksin is single and Baitoey is single and both are adults. But “Yes” I understand that this is not just a common people issue, but a political issue involving famous public figures. Still, what is the big deal? Is Thaksin suppose to go without having sex, just because who he is? And if it is OK for every Thai guy to have a mistress, why all of the sudden, like in shock of rumor news of Thaksin having mistress?

Khao Sod reports, “The pop-country singer ′Baitoey R Siam′, best known for her viral hit ′Splash Out′, admitted having performed for former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra in Singapore and Hong Kong.  The singer, whose real name is Ms. Sutheewan Taweesin, talked to the press after attending an event at Central Ladprao shopping mall earlier today. She was addressing a report on a certain celebrity gossip magazine which had alleged the ties between the singer and the influential former leader. ′Baitoey′ said she had indeed performed for Mr. Thaksin, but clarified that she had taken the job via the company and that she had not been personally invited by the former Prime Minister. Mr. Thaksin has an amicable relationship with her contracted company, RS, and he has hired other singers of the company to entertain him before, according to ′Baitoey′, the singer behind the famous song ′Splash Out′ which has gone viral due to its distinctive dance move – a Thai answer to ′Gangnam Style′. The singer denied rumour which suggested she is Mr. Thaksin′s mistress. Ms. Sutheewan said she had performed in Mr. Thaksin′s presence twice: once in Hong Kong, at a banquet where a number of politicians flew in to visit Mr. Thaksin, and Singapore. The performances dated back to 2012, Ms. Sutheewan said, and other singers were there as well. “When I performed and attended the banquets, I sat on the same table with Mr. Thaksin, and we have talked a bit. From the chats, I felt Mr. Thaksin is a good man,” ′Baitoey′ told the press, “He did not know any song of mine, because he had been abroad for many years” She added, “I sympathised with him because he missed Thai music and wanted to return to his homeland. I did my duty to make him feel he was back in Thailand”. Asked if she has been paid 1 million baht per event as the rumour has claimed, Ms. Sutheewan said she had been paid 500,000 baht, plus other perks such as a shopping tour. However, she insisted that she had brought the brandname bags by her own money, not Mr. Thaksin′s. Mr. Thaksin remains a controversial figure in deeply polarised Thailand; and connections to Mr. Thaksin have previously landed a comedian in an unwanted spotlight. The comedian, Teng Terdterng, was criticised by anti-Thaksin critics for attending a birthday party of an ally of Mr. Thaksin. Figures in the entertainment industry also generally avoided identifying with the colour politics that has plagued Thailand for years, out of concern that the political affiliation would invite controversies. Ms. Sutheewan stressed the point, saying she did not want the public to see it as “colour issue”.  “It was my responsibility to make people happy. There is no colour issue here. Work is work,” the singer said, “If you ask me whether I want to take the job again, I have told Oak [Panthongtae Shinawatra, Mr. Thaksin′s son] I would love to, because it was a happy job and I enjoyed it a lot”.


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