Yingluck gets un-expected backing from elite establishment’s NIDA, says infrastructure borrowing a must

English: Association of Southeast Asian Nation...

English: Association of Southeast Asian Nations in orthographic projection. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The elite establishment is trying to kill Yingluck’s massive borrowing for infrastructure development. However, the good news is, a top professor at the pro-elite establishment Thai higher education institute, NIDA, that have been mostly critical of Yingluck, have thrown his weight behind Yingluck’s massive infrastructure spending plan. Prof. Dr. Montree Socatiyanurak, Director of the Master of Public Administration′s MPA Executive Program said the Yingluck massive infrastructure related borrowing will be the deciding factor if Thailand would developed into a major center of ASEAN’s AEC. “The investments are important,” said the professor. The professor said a 3 hours flight from Bangkok would cover about 1,000 million people and a 5 hours flight will cover about 3,000 million people, and so if Thailand can improve its infrastructure, it had a high probability to become the ASEAN center.  He said with the borrowing, Thailand’s public debt to GDP will be about 50%, which is still in the acceptable framework on good financing fundamentals. (Source)


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