Oh, Really? About 45 Nationalist & Fascist group united to reform Thailand, promising “Happy Thais”

English: Boxing match in Bangkok,Thailand. htt...

English: Boxing match in Bangkok,Thailand. http://www.dmitrimarkine.com (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Several Thai press reports about 45 civic groups, on Sunday, have united and launched their own political reform body which will work on their own transform of Thailand agenda, opposing to the Yinngluck’s government reform plan. Most of the groups are Ultra-Nationalist, with Fascist leaning, such as the Yellow Shirts, with one of its leader, sitting at the united group’s ruling committee. Most of the groups have a long track record of being anti Thaksin and Yingluck. The group leader said its purpose is to oppose Yingluck’s government reforming Thailand, as Yingluck is a “Capitalist Dictator.” The group, while at this stage, gave little alternative and detail of their reform plans, and is aimed mostly at stopping Yingluck’s reform of Thailand plan, said their plan, will bring “Happiness and Unity” to the Thai people. Most of Thailand’s Ultra-Nationalist Fascist group is supported by the Thai elite establishment. The elite establishment believes in the so called “Thai Style democracy” where it is a mix between Democratic principles and absolute un-democratic powers, such as that of independent units, that ensures the elite establishment has a level of control over Thailand. Apart from the civic groups being mostly, Ultra Nationalist and Fascist in nature, they also plan to move in parallel with Abhisit’s Democrat Party rejection of Yingluck’s reform Thailand plans. A recent poll of the Thais, said most Thais want Democracy and that 44% of them will vote for Yingluck’s party, Pheu Thai Party, against about 22% who said they will vote for Abhisit’s Democrat Party. About 20% of the Thai population wants some form of a dictatorship, and supports the Thai military to stage a coup. (Source: Several Thai press)


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