Thailand’s National Food Institute issue warning of population graying impact on food business

English: Fresh herbs, fresh spices and vegetab...

English: Fresh herbs, fresh spices and vegetables sold at a stall in Thanin Market, Chiang Mai, Thailand. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thailand’s National Food Institute (NFI) gave a warning to Thai business operators that with increase in population age in many countries, Thai food industry will have to set a strategy to accommodate changing consumer behavior. NIF estimates that in 40 years, 50% of global food stuff purchasing power will be with the older consumer. NFI executive told Matichon, a newspaper here, that globally the aging of the population results in similar consumer behavior, in eating healthier food and foor rich in vitamins that helps the old age, such as food rich in calcium and vitamin D. NIF executive also said, the packaging of food will be different, with portions being smaller and buying habit, or going to buy the product less frequent. Thailand is a major global net food exporting country, with several global level food conglomerates such as CP. (Source)


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