“No War of Words with Abhisit” says Yingluck, on Abhisit’s “Stupid Bitch” remark

English: Abhisit Vejjiva, PM of Thailand

English: Abhisit Vejjiva, PM of Thailand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Several local press reports today, that Yingluck, says she will not engage into a “War of Words” with Abhisit. Abhisit eartlier referred to Yingluck’s “Smart Lady” campaign, as being a campaign about “Stupid Bitch.” Those words, many neutral observer say, tantamount to Abhisit calling Yingluck a “Stupid Bitch.” Yingluck said she will address the situation by being tough and strong. Several local press reports, several of Thailand women’e organizations were out-raged and angered by those Abhisit’s words. However, Abhisit said the angered women, choose to react to his words themselves, and refuse to make an apology, telling reporters, that when one Google the word “Stupid Bitch” the picture of Yingluck will appear. The women MPs in Abhisit’s Democrat Party, however, came out to defend Abhisit, saying that the word “Stupid Bitch” in the Thai language, is not an insult. Before that “Stupid Bitch” remark, made on stage in front of supporters, also on stage, Abhisit repeatedly used the word “Hear” in describing Yingluck. The word  “Hear” is a swear word in Thai, meaning “Low Life Form.”


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