Several global class research units say “Judicialization of Thailand” at dangerous “Critical Mass”

2006 Thai coup d'état

2006 Thai coup d’état (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Several globally known research unit, with some that specialize on Thailand and ASEAN, such as Cascade Asia, have issued a report saying they are following how the Thai justice system, will manage several issues. Other research units have issued a similar report. The concept of “Judicialization of Thailand” reached its climax, news wise, earlier, when the head of the Thai Constitutional Court, admitted that the termination of a political party close to Thaksin, was not based on the case’s merit, but on the political environment of the time, giving the court little choice but to terminate the party. Recently, the administrative court, also long known to serve the elite Thai establishment delay Thailand’s anti-flood spending. Currently, the government budget is also at the court, to judge if it is legal or not, with already, government people saying the delay will impact the government’s investment spending, on top of delay in the anti flood spending. Furthermore, the amendment of the 2006 coup military constitution, seen by most neutral observer as giving the elite establishment un-democratic means of controlling Thailand and the government’s massive infrastructure spending borrowing, are also both lodge with the court. Most in Thailand, such as business people and even the Central Bank, wants to see the various government spending, to help lift the Thai economy, slowed on global problems, hitting local consumer confidence and spending. And for those who cherish Democracy, Liberty and Justice, the judicialization of Thailand is an issue they vow to fight, even if it leads to re-newed political crisis.


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