Japan calls meeting on Dawei to discuss Myanmar special economic zone law (Up-Dated)

English: Dawei, Burma. Image taken by MikeRuss...

English: Dawei, Burma. Image taken by MikeRussia on flickr. The creator has granted GFDL licensing and permission for use in the wikimedia project. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Up-Dated) The head of the Myanmar Parliament, recently came to Bangkok, and called for the speeding up of the Dawei project (End). Representatives from Japan had called a meeting on Dawei, the Myanmar mega port and industrial zone. A local business newspaper, Prachachart Turikij, says the joint Thai Myanmar led Dawei port and industrial zone, is waiting for Myamnar to pass a law on industrial estate. The paper says the law, had been delayed by about 2 months, quoting a source, as saying Myanmar government had promised to pass the law about 2 months ago. The paper says several leading global groups, such as Mitsui Sumitomo of Japan, and Korea’s  LG and Dongbu are interested. The paper also mentioned that Singapore was interested in the sea port. The paper reports that representatives from Japan is calling a meeting in Myanmar, to discuss the latest with Myanmar special economic zone law. (Source)


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