“Double Whammy?” Abhisit first says “Stupid Bitch” then says pissed off women “Choose to React” to his words themselves

Abhisit Vejjajiva - World Economic Forum on Ea...

Abhisit Vejjajiva – World Economic Forum on East Asia 2011 (Photo credit: World Economic Forum)

Well, what can you say about Abhisit these days? Reacting to Yingluck‘s launch of “Smart Lady” campaign, Abhisit referred to the campaign, on a stage filled with Abhisit’s Dems supporter, where the theme of the gathering is “Truth About Thailand” as being about “Eee Ngyo.” The words, a Thai word, loosely meaning “Stupid Bitch.” Several local press, such as Khao Sod, a newspaper for the grassroots, reports several Thai women‘s movement were outraged and felt insulted. Perhaps in an attempt to soften the impact or pour salt on the wounds, as who know what Abhisit is thinking and doing these days, he then says, the women who felt insulted and offended, were “Lorn Tua” meaning in English, that the women felt that way, because that being a “Stupid Bitch, is perhaps the way they are. As Thai Short News reported earlier, Abhisit has taken off his gentleman of good up-bringing, facade, and have been going extremist in his meeting his voter base. Shocking many, Abhisit repeatedly used the word “Hea” a very insulting and dirty swear word in Thai, in one of his meeting with his voter base, referring to Yingluck’s political party. (Source; Khao Sod print edition)


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