Democracy & Yingluck’s party still lead by wide margin in Thailand, but politician image poor

Sever local Thai press reports that a pollster, ABAC found, that despite the negative image of most politicians, a majority, or 83.7% of the respondents, still had faith in democracy. Thailand, governed under the 2006 military coup, where it gives un-democratic powers to the elite establishment to rule Thailand, has seen the Parliament erupt into an ugly scene, mostly by Abhisit’d Dems, and recent polls say because of Parliament behavior by MPs, most Thais do not respect the parliament. Abhisit is trashing the Parliament on purpose, to peotect the military constitution and reduce its powers, since Yingluck’s Pheu Thai MPs is the majority. The poll was carried out between Aug 30 and Sept 7 on 2,119 people aged 18 and over in 17 provinces. Asked which party they would vote for if an election was held today, most, or 44.6% said were for Pheu Thai, 22.9% for the Democrats and the rest for other political parties. A slight majority, or 53.9%, said they never saw any politicians show patriotism or were willing to fight for the country’s interest, 35.4% said they saw these qualities in government politicians and 10.7% in the opposition. And 61.2%, of the respondents, said they never saw politicians from any side with understanding of the hardship.


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