Thailand’s 2006 coup constitution: “MPs does not have to respect Parliament speaker?”

Bangkok Royal Thai Army

Bangkok Royal Thai Army (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thailand‘s parliament has been in a grid-lock and making law is very difficult, with Abhisit‘s Dems, going wild in behavior like physically attacking the Parliament speaker violently and inciting a complex web of procedures rule, the delay and block everything. But behind the obvious, that Abhisit’s Dems is doing everything possible to protect the military constitution, that helps the Thai elite establishment be in control of Thailand, from un-democratic means, what is the problem of Thailand’s Parliament? According to a Pheu Thai MP, on the Thai Parliament’s foreign relation committee, and often consulted by foreign Embassies in Thailand, Charuphan, the 2006 coup constitution, writes into law, that MPs, does not have to respect the Parliament speaker. On the concept of respect, everyone has the right to exercise freely, who to respect and who not to respect. But on the other side, the Parliament is the house of representatives of the Thai people, and the speaker, represents the Parliament. In a way, if Charuphan is right, the 2006 coup constitution, simply says, one does not have to respect Parliament, meaning the Thai people. What is new with military coups? It might a difficult concept to understand, philosophically, but the reality of the situation is, Abhisit’s Dems MPs, under the 2006 coup constitution that governs parliament, have been acting like a bunch of drunk wild college student at a Frat Party.


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