No miracle expected for cancer hit super-star Thai singer, seeking clone to carry on legacy (Up-Dated)

The Rolex sign in Vienna (2007)

The Rolex sign in Vienna (2007) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(Up-Dated) Saiyan had passed away, reports Thai press. Matichon, a newspaper for the progressive intellect here in Thailand, earlier reports there is little hope for a miracle, for a cancer hit super-star Thai singer, Saiyan. Doctors said the cancer has spread to many vital organs. Matichon reports Saiyan, is now looking for a singer, who sounds and looks like him, to carry on his legacy. Saiyan, initially rejected modern medical help to cure his illness, and turned to traditional medicine. Then as the illness got worse, he was hospitalized. Saiyan, is a super-star star singer, of the Thai music phenomenon, Luk Tung, loved by Thailand’s grassroots. Saiyan, caught the international news media coverage, many years back. Back then, Saiyan, who got very rich from his singing career, often went to Europe on shopping trips. However, Saiyan, being of the grassroots in background and culture, does not look and dress in rich and wealthy style. In one of his shopping trips to Europe, Saiyan caught the eyes of the media, at a Rolex store, buying expensive watches. A western media reported, that people at the Rolex store was perplex, to have a customer from Thailand, where back then Thailand was mostly an un-known poor developing country, who looked the way Saiyan does, buying Rolex. (Source)

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