World Economic Forum & Morgan Stanley differ on Thailand: Question surrounds fiscal situation

English: Official logo of the World Economic F...

English: Official logo of the World Economic Forum. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Seeking Alpha, a website for investors, reports that some ASEAN stock market had been falling, because of one of Wall Street‘s best, Morgan Stanley, had come out with highly bearish assessment. For Thailand, Morgan Stanley was highly critical, questioning Thailand’s fiscal strength going forward, saying it is weak, and put at risk government spending. However, the World Economic Forum (WEF), assessment of Thailand, for the year 2012, sees a strong base. For the second year in a row in a global competitiveness ranking, rising to 37th, saying that Thailand’s competitiveness was boosted mainly by sound fiscal situation and strengths in the private sector. According to WEF, Thailand ranks high on the macroeconomic environment pillar (31st, its best showing among the 12 pillars) owing to a very favourable fiscal situation, its high savings rate, an inflation rate under control at around 3 per cent, and a comparitively good debt-to-GDP ratio of about 44 per cent in 2012. (Source)


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