Controversial as always? Thaksin says Venice Fashion Scene has edge over London Fashion Scene

English: Thailand's Prime Minister Thaksin Shi...

English: Thailand’s Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra (right) meets with Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld (foreground left) in the Pentagon. Thaksin and Rumsfeld are meeting to discuss issues of mutual interest. Prime Minister Thaksin is accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister Surakiart Sathirathai (left). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Venice fashion scene has an edge over London? Impossible! Thaksin is on a European trip, going to places like the UK, where he has a housing compound, to places like Italy. The latest from Thaksin’s Facebook, says that he is in Venice, Italy, the city with all those canals and gondola, where Bangkok was once called the Venice of the East, taking the scenery. Thaksin said, even coming from London, UK, where he saw the fashion houses, the fashion in Venice suprise him with their choice and design. Politically from Thaksin, earlier, is that he said is not in a rush to return to Thailand, and wants the Thais to come to peace, before he returns. Even with that Thaksin statement, many global press, have bought into the Thai elite establishment propaganda, that the current amnesty bill and changes to the constitution, is about bringing Thaksin back to Thailand. That Thais at peace Thaksin talks about, may just be a wishful thinking. One of Abhisit‘s Dems MPs is organizing a meeting, with about 20 anti Thaksin groups in Thailand, that together does not amount to many people, but their voice, back by the mostly hate Thaksin press in Thailand, makes them sound like an elephant in the room.


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