Hospitalized Prem & Chaovalit, sends signal Thailand moving in the hands of “New Generation”

Prime Minister Prem Tinsulanonda of Thailand p...

Prime Minister Prem Tinsulanonda of Thailand prepares to depart the United States after a recent state visit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Local press reports that the powerful Thai King council, Prem, and the architecture of Thailand‘s strategy to solve the Communist threat to Thailand, Chaovalit, have been hospitalized. Both, former Thai prim ministers and former high ranking Thai military generals that struggled and rose to power in an era Thailand was hit by competing powerful military personalities, are considered Thailand’s elder statesman. Prem, while still powerful, with connections to most Thai power centers, is being counter balanced by competing forces at Thailand’s highest institution and the powerful Red Shirts, that backs Yingluck. Chaovalit, with a long track record of being a progressive, is well known as an excellent strategist. However, Chaovalit, has a strategy, to help Thailand progress towards Democracy, Liberty and Justice, that is differ from Thaksin‘s and Yingluck thinking. Most neutral observer say, the hospitalized of Prem and Chaovalit, in their 80s and 90s, signal that a new generation of Thais, will have to step up, and take Thailand into the future, whatever their vision of Thailand’s future they might have.


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