ASEAN’s AEC Spirit? Indonesia shutting off US$100 million Longan import from Thailand

Longan fruits ...Trái Nhãn ...

Longan fruits …Trái Nhãn … (Photo credit: Vietnam Plants & The USA. plants)

Against the back-drop of an ASEAN economic integration banner, AEC, Indonesia is showing signs of reluctance to free intra ASEAN trade. Thailand’s about US$100 million a year export of the fruit, Longan, to Indonesia is under threat, and an academic at Thailand’s Kaseatsart University, Nongnuch Aungyureekul, says it can not be projected, how long the Indonesian Longan market will still be open to Thailand. Nongnuch says; while the Indonesian government is raising more and more barrier to Thailand’s Longan, demand for Thai Longan by Indonesian consumers remain high. (Source)

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