Yingluck’s rapid fire global visits sparks controversy: Real news is Thaksin & Investments

Thai PM Shinawatra at Asia Society 14

Thai PM Shinawatra at Asia Society 14 (Photo credit: Asia Society)

Yingluck‘s rapid fire global visit, some 40 countries in 2 years, have sparked Abhisit Dems to call it a waste of public money and a waste of Thailand’s leader’s time, when there are more pressing internal Thailand issues. On social network, Thais, divided as always, went on a nasty debate along the partisan line. However, what is the real news of Yingluck’s global visit? The fact is, Abhisit, while Thailand’s prime minister, went on a global hunt, leveraging Thailand’s relation with the globe, for mostly one purpose, and that is to hunt down Thaksin, and it worked, Thaksin was on the run globally. Yingluck’s current rapid fire global visit, clearly, is to head of future attempts at hunting down Thaksin, if the elite establishment ever comes to power again in Thailand. Secondly, Thaksin and Yingluck, is involved with a one two punch combination, working together for synergy, with often Thaksin paving the way, for Yingluck to open up new trade and investments opportunity for Thailand, with always, Thai journalist will report on business deals inked from these visits. According to figures released by the Thai government, the figures, on investments deals, inked in those visits, have reached several US$ billions.


One thought on “Yingluck’s rapid fire global visits sparks controversy: Real news is Thaksin & Investments

  1. It is clear to anyone outside Thailand who is not a PAD/Yellow/Royalist sympathizer wearing blinkers that PM Yingluck’s overseas visits have been an outstanding PR/marketing/business success for Thailand in terms of increased foreign investment and trade, increased foreign tourism, increased foreign goodwill. Whatever her other faults might be, she is clearly a superior Ambassador for Thailand, in a league measurably above the amateur-night-in-dixie team of Abhisit/Kasit.

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