Attracted to Philippines strong growth, a number of Thai firms pivot to the country

With Philippines GDP continue to be the highest in ASEAN, at about 7.5%, a number of Thai firms have been expanding their business to the country. Thailand’s agricultural giant, CP, is so active in the Philippines expanding, the farmers there have protest CP. Not only large Thai global class conglomerate like CP that is in the country, even Thai fashion houses are starting to sell apparel in the country. Jaspal, a popular Thai fashion label for example, has inked a distribution contract in the country. And Thai cultural industry, apart from fashion, like movie is also making a push in the Philippines, with for example, a Thai actor starring in Philippines film and the highly successful Thai movie, Peemark Phra Khanong, making an opening in the country. Then the latest, is Hot Pot, a Thai restaurant chain, has opened its first restaurant in the country. Thailand and Philippines, just establish a trade association, and the Philippines have asked Thailand to help, with its relations with China.


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