Yingluck plans to pull Thai China friendship string to help Thai rice & rubber farmers

Thai Rath, Thailand’s most powerful and mostly anti Thaksin newspaper, reports that Yingluck, on her visit to China next week, plans to seek China’s help to buy Thai rice and rubber, in a effort to help Thai farmers. Yingluck is under pressure from global media on her rice subsidy scheme as costing Thailand too much money and distorting market forces. Also, Thailand’s opposition, long criticizing Yingluck for the same thing on rice, have made a 180 degree turn, and calling for Yingluck to support rubber in the same way as rice. Both rice farmers and rubber farmers have been vocal for support, with Abhisit’s Dems, currently inciting protest from rubber farmers, in an effort, to pave the way for support in its wider call for protest to topple Yingluck. China is considered close to Thailand and Thailand have been designated the ASEAN special China relationship builder, and thus Thailand has a level of significance to China. However, China have on and off, put distance with Thailand, for example, China’s Ambassador to Thailand, saying there is no state to state rice deal with Thailand, greatly hurting the credibility of Yingluck’s government. Also, China’s state control press, have often ran critical news of Yingluck and Thailand. It is un-known, to a great extent, how China truly view Thailand. One problem, is that Thailand is close to the USA on national security.


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