Current joint Thai Malaysian military exercise seen to help Thailand address Deep South militancy

Soldiers from Charlie Company 2-1 Infantry, Fo...

Soldiers from Charlie Company 2-1 Infantry, Fort Wainwright, Alaska, instruct the Thai Military Forces during a platoon battle drill attack as a part of COBRA GOLD 2001 exercises. COBRA GOLD ’01 is regularly scheduled, joint-combined exercise designed to ensure regional peace and strengthen the ability of the royal Thai Armed Forces to defend Thailand or respond to regional contingencies. This year’s exercise, the 20th in the series, will focus on peace enforcement operations. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Thai military commander, commenting on the current Thai Malaysian joint military exercise in Malaysia, says the exercise will help Thailand address the Thai Deep South militancy and help both countries better secure security along the Thai Malaysian border. The annual Thai Malaysian military exercise, called Land Ex THAMAL, is a small military exercise, involving soldiers at infantry level. Malaysia is helping Thailand broker a deal with a fraction of the militant, BRN, however, those negotiating for the BRN, have little control of the wider militancy movement in the Deep South, prompting speculation that the talks are useless. Thailand’s intelligence apparatus is spearheading the talks and insists, that in the long term, having an open communication channel, with the BRN negotiators, mainly the political arm, is beneficial. (Source)


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