UK’s super store, Tesco, breaks Thai Corporate Social Responsibility record, planted 9 million trees

Tesco in New Prokocim (Kraków)

Tesco in New Prokocim (Kraków) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A local press Matichon reports, UK’s super store, Tesco, has planted 9 million trees in a 6 year campaign, covering an area of about 60,000 rai. Matichon, gave names of many forest area in Thailand, that Tesco went on a tree planting spree, in that 6 years campaign. Thai environmentalist lauded the campaign as one of the few long-term sustainable campaign to plant trees in Thailand, where rapid deforestation have left Thailand with little tropical forest left. Many Thai environmentalist says Tesco is breaking new record on tree planting campaign, where the closest is a long-ceased campaign by a bank to plant trees. Tesco main competitor in Thailand is Big C. However, Big C, being a Thai company, is under less pressure to give back to the Thai society, and thus, Big C corporate social responsibility campaign is small compared to Tesco. Apart from planting tree, Tesco, has also an on-going drive for donations, where the donated money is spent to up-grade primary school in poor areas. When Tesco first came to Thailand, it met a great deal of resistance from the Thai society, as hurting Thai owned supply chain players.


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