Is Red Shirts Chatuporn right, that Abhisit’s Dems have no “Commitment to Political Philosophy?”

English: Abhisit Vejjiva, PM of Thailand

English: Abhisit Vejjiva, PM of Thailand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Red Shirts leader, Chatuporn, says the Yellow Shirts, have something Abhisit‘s Dems never have, “A Commitment to A Philosophy.” Chatuporn’s words comes after the Yellow Shirts leaders, said they will “Cease Activity.” However, despite saying they have ceased their activity, the Yellow Shirts said they would welcomed working with the Red Shirts to bring Democracy to Thailand, if the Red Shirts give up their dedication to Thaksin. Meanwhile, that Thaksin focus by the Yellow Shirts, is the same as what Abhisit’s Democrat Party is saying, that it will use all means to rid Thailand of Thaksin’s influence. The “Philosophy” of the Yellow Shirts, that Chatuporn mentioned, is Fascist in nature, that seeks to limit the democratic process, balancing it with appointed people by the elite establishment of the independent units, so that these so called “Good People” can counter-balance “Bad Politicians.” Here, perhaps Chatuporn is not correct, in that Abhisit’s Dems “Political Philosophy” is about exactly the same as the Yellow Shirts, but the problem between the two groups relates to clashing Abhisit and the Yellow Shirts leader’s Sondhi ego. However, long noted, is that the Democrat Party, is a political survivalist, willing to change its philosophy with some flexibility, to meet changing social beliefs. Abhisit, however, have proved to be highly un-yielding and un-flexible. The party has lost every general election in about 20 years.


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