Japan on offense to attract Thai students, 80 Japanese universities in Thai show-case

The word "Nihongo" written in Kanji....

The word “Nihongo” written in Kanji. The text means “Japanese language” in Japanese. See also: Image:Nihongo_Horizontal.svg. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Thai Japanese Students Association and the Japanese Embassy is planning one of the biggest marketing campaigns to attract Thai students to Japan, with a record 80 Japanese universities opening boots at a show-case of Japanese universities in Thailand. There are few up-to-date, statistics, but in 2007, the number of Thai students in Japan was about 2,100 students. High profile Thai graduates from Japanese universities include, Mrs. Tarisa Watanagase, Governor, Bank of Thailand, Dr. Thanong Bidhaya, former Finance Minister, Thanpuying Lersak Sombatsiri, former Communications Minister, Mr. Supong Chayutsahakij, Vice Chairman of the Executive Board, Bangkok Expressway Public Limited, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kitti Tiresesth, President of King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL), Dr. Sommai Huntrakul(deceased), former Finance Minister and Dr. Preeda Kannasutra, former Agriculture Minister. On Academic Exchange, in 2007, about 300 Thai researchers visited Japan and about 300 Japanese researchers visited Thailand. On Japanese language study in Thailand there are about 385 Institutes of Japanese Language study and number of student 71,083. (Source)

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