Fascist Yellow Shirts issue a letter saying it has “Ceased Activity”

Thailand’s Fascist Yellow Shirts have issued a letter repeatedly citing “Not Worth the Price of the Effort” in stating that it has stopped its activity. At the height of the movement power, it toppled several government close to Thaksin, able to galvanize 1,000s of protesters. However, the movement has falter in recent times, with supporter, mostly supplied by Abhisit Dems, evaporated away. In the letter, the Yellow Shirts say it wants to reform Thailand, not just getting rid of the so called Thaksin system. The letter also says it is being charged with several crime and the movement key leaders, about 90 of them, are out from jail, according to the court’s condition that they break no law and make no political moves. The Yellow Shirts letter say toppling the Thaksin system, without reforming the country, is not worth the potential back-lash from the court. The letter shows lingering bitterness of the Yellow Shirts towards Abhisit’s Dems, saying it is the Abhisit’s government that bought charges on the Yellow Shirts. Among the crimes, the Yellow Shirts took-over Thailand’s airports and government house. (Source)


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