Thailand’s military owned TV station out-raged Thai Muslim with off Koran depictions soap drama

Surat Thani Mosque

Surat Thani Mosque (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thailand‘s TV channel 7, owned by the Thai military, have outraged Thai Muslim with a TV soap drama with a plot that goes against the Muslim teaching. In the soap drama Thai Muslims were depicted to be in a love courting sessions for example. Thailand is being hit by a militancy in the Deep South, where one often cited reasons is that the Muslims in the Deep South are treated as second class citizens by the elite establishment of Bangkok, showing little sensitivity towards the Muslims. About 5,000 people have died since the militant went active with a military campaign that ofted use terrorist tactic. Human Rights Watch calls the militant activity a crime against humanity, however, the Thai security apparatus is trying to keep a fragile and complicated peace talk going. To combat the communications problem, Yingluck has allocated a budget for a Muslim produced and staffed TV in Thailand. The actors and actress in the TV channel 7 insult to the Thai Muslim heritage, held a press briefing today, to try to explain the rationale for the show content.


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