Amateur Iranian terrorists get heavy jail sentence

Two amateur Iranian terrorist, who went to party at Thailand’s famous sex resort town Pattaya, before the terrorist activity, was handed heavy jail sentence by the Thai court. Ap reports; A Thai court on Thursday sentenced an Iranian man to life in prison and his compatriot to 15 years in jail for their roles in a botched bomb plot that was exposed last year when an accidental explosion blew apart the Bangkok villa where they were staying. Israeli and Thai officials have said the plot was aimed at Israeli diplomats in Bangkok, though Iran denied the allegations. The court sentenced Saeid Moradi, 29, to life in prison for attempting to murder a police officer, possessing illegal explosives and causing explosions that damaged property and injured several civilians. It sentenced Mohammad Kharzei, 43, to 15 years in jail for possessing explosives. One police officer and five civilians were injured in the episode. (Source)


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