Abhisit’s Dems MP in brawl with Parliamentary police

Democrat Party (Thailand)

Democrat Party (Thailand) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

THAILAND’S parliament briefly descended into chaos yesterday as opposition lawmakers brawled with police during a debate on controversial proposals to amend the constitution. One opposition MP was seen on TV punching police in the face. Scuffles broke out after 57 members of the opposition Democrat party stood up simultaneously to voice their objections to the plans and refused to be silenced by the Speaker. Television images showed politicians surrounded by police and grappling with them as they were marched towards the exit of the chamber, while screams were heard in the background. “I was the first to be grabbed. The Speaker of the House told the parliament police officers to take the ones who were standing out of the room,” opposition lawmaker Nipit Intarasombut said. “It was chaotic.” Nipit, who said there were some 100 police in parliament at the time, said opposition MPs were angry at being denied time to speak about the proposals, which would change the senate to a fully elected body. (Source)


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