Fascist Yellow Shirts gives Abhisit’s Dems conditions for joint effort to topple Yingluck

English: Abhisit Vejjiva, PM of Thailand

English: Abhisit Vejjiva, PM of Thailand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The pro elite establishment, Abhisit‘s Democrat Party and the Fascist and anti democracy, People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD), say they are prepared to form an alliance to fight the amnesty bill and the Thaksin Shinawatra-backed government, several press reports. However, the PAD have gave an ultimatum to Abhisit, saying Abhisit’s Dems must resign from their MPs status, and dedicate 100% to raising streeet protest against Yingluck. Abhisit’s dems and the PAD have been involved in a long fight against each other, with the PAD head, Sondhi, often making speech attacking Abhisit’s Dems, where Abhisit’s Dems TV station, Blue Sky, would hit back at Sondhi. The in-fighting at the top echelons of the elite establishment, has proved to be highly entertaining and informative to the Thai society at large, as both Sondhi and Abhisit would exposed the other as being “Evil Incarnated.” However, Sondhi, even with a media empire under his control, being the Manager Group, have made a blunder, assuming that the people who joined the PAD protest in the past was hard core Yellow Shirts followers, when in fact, most of Sondhi’s Yellow Shirts were Abhisit’s Dems supporters, bused in by Abhisit’s Dems, to shore up the movements to topple government’s close to Thaksin. While, Abhisit’s Dems indeed have the power to musted its voter based to topple the Yingluck government, assuming its past behavior in supporting the yellow Shirts proves, however, in recent times, Abhisit dems have went on a major road trip, involving 100s of visits to the people of Thailand and gave speeches, in preparing Thailand for a fertile ground for mass protest to topple Yingluck. However, in a recent big march by Abhisit’s Dems, to topple Yingluck a few weeks back, only about 5,000 people showed up for the march, prompting observer to say that Abhisit’s Dems have failed to prepare the ground. In polls after polls the Thais say they are tired of politicians fighting.


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