Yingluck concerned as Thai researcher per 10,000 people drops to half global figure

Thai PM Shinawatra at Asia Society 22

Thai PM Shinawatra at Asia Society 22 (Photo credit: Asia Society)

Local press reports the Thailand‘s Prime Minister, Yingluck, is greatly worried that the number of Thailand’s researchers have dropped to 7 person per 10,000 people, against a global standard of 15 researchers per 10,000 people. Yingluck was speaking at Thailand’s Innovation Forum: R&D to Commercialization. On her inaugural address to Thailand’s Parliament, 2 years ago, Yingluck said increasing Thailand’s R&D spending, is one of her top priority. Since then, she has created an entreprenural fund for graduating students and have increased spending on R&D, particularly on Nano Technology. To address her concern, Yingluck said the government will allocate a budget of about US$200 million, dedicated to R&D. One problem is that Thailand has about 7 government unit, dedicated to promoting R&D, and Yingluck said the work of the 7 units should be stream-line and coordinated for better effectiveness.


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