Forbes recommended, Thailand’s “Phraya” rum, made from “Earth, Wind and Fire”

Phra Pathom Chedi

Phra Pathom Chedi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Forbes, the entrepreneur media, has fallen in love with Thai rum, Phraya. The firm says its srum is made from Earth, Wind and Fire. Forbes sayd, tomorrow is National Rum Day, and regular readers know that I enjoy fine rum and have covered it here at quite a bit, but not recently. I get sent a lot of samples by rum manufacturers, an increasingly crowded field with lots of new entrants, but lately they have all disappointed: too sweet, too thin, not enough of the special sugar cane taste that makes rum what it is. That’s why it was a pleasant surprise yesterday when I received and tasted a sample of Phraya, “Imported from the Kingdom of Thailand.” The firms says, Fire: Our hand-crafted oak barrels are ‘fired’ to invigorate the wood within the cask – a process which helps to improve the flavour of the rum, imparting it with sweet, spice-driven nuances; Earth: Phraya is sourced from an abundance of specially-grown sugar cane, nourished by the rich, fertile soil of Nakhon Pathom and forming the heart of this remarkable rum; Air The lush, tropical environment within which Phraya is brought to life provides unrivalled conditions for rum-making. Aged slowly over cool lagoons, the spirit is granted time to breathe quietly, our deep maturation techniques allowing it to develop its inimitable spiced, yet smooth character; Water: Thai culture has long revered water’s power, but also its maternal benevolence. Phraya is distilled using the soft, natural waters of the Ta Chin River lending it a delicate, mellow balance. Forbes says, unlike many new players, Phraya is not something rushed to market, but rather a well-aged rum, blended from barrels 7-12 years old, depending on how each ages. Because it is aged in charred oak for that long it is medium dark in color, and on the bottle describes itself pretty correctly as “Deep Matured Gold Rum.” Speaking of the bottle, it is a knockout, shrouded in a gold metallic filigree cuff, very unique and impressive looking. Since it also tastes quite good and very few people you know will have tried it, it makes an excellent gift.


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