Earlier, citing Egypt’s coup as a good lesson for Thailand, Abhisit all quiet now on Egypt

English: Abhisit Vejjiva, PM of Thailand

English: Abhisit Vejjiva, PM of Thailand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Egyptian coup should serve as a good lesson that military intervention is unlikely unless a government abuses its power, according to opposition and Democrat Party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva, local press reports, when the Egypt Coup took place a few months earlier. Abhisit said the Thaksin government abused its powers and thus the Thai military staged a coup, added Abhisit. Thailand’s elite establishment and its press, such as the Bangkok Post, hailed the Egypt coup as similar to Thailand, of the people of Egypt and Thailand rising up to get rid of an elected government, with the military help. Thailand plunged into a deep political crisis for about 10 years now since the 2006 coup, and solutions are few, with the elite establishment being pro Coup. In Thailand about 100 protesters were killed and 1,000s injured. However, Abhisit is quiet now as the number of death mounts in Egypt, most of them Egyptians who are against the coup and supperter of the ousted government. AP reports, an Egyptian Health Ministry spokesman has further raised the death toll from the previous day’s clashes between police and supporters of the country’s ousted president to 421. The spokesman, Khaled el-Khateeb, told The Associated Press on Thursday that the number of injured in the previous day’s violence has also risen to 3,572. He says the ministry was in the process of updating the latest figures and that an even higher death toll was likely. Wednesday’s violence began when police moved to clear two sit-in camps in Cairo by supporters of Mohammed Morsi, ousted in a military coup on July 3. The clashes there later spread to elsewhere in Cairo and a string of other cities. The violence prompted the government to declare a nationwide, month-long state of emergency. (Source)


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