Insane? Thailand’s national human rights unit imply Ekayuth killed by Yingluck’s people

English: Gong Prab Pram police force sign (Tha...

English: Gong Prab Pram police force sign (Thailand), in English CSD-Crime Suppression Devision, is responsible for any kind of criminal investigation- shown on a police car (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thailand‘s national human rights unit, called biased towards the Thai establishment by Human Rights Watch, had yesterday imply that people backing the Yingluck‘s government, assassinated Ekayuth Anchanbutra, to shut him up from attacking the government. Ekayuth is a hero of the elite establishment. The unit said the police should not rush to finalize the murder case of Ekayuth as the murder is about politics. The Thai elite establishment and its press, like the Bangkok Post, have been propagating that there was more to Ekayuth murder than a straight kidnapping and ransom case, as the police has concluded, where Ekayuth family members have accepted what the police says. The latest from the Thai police to the unit, is that they welcome the observation from the unit, but needed evidence. That question of evidence that Ekayuth was killed because of politics, by Yingluck’s ally, have perplexed the elite establishment and its press like the Bangkok Post, as they have little, in relation to facts, to support their assertion. Ekayuth was a key figure to raised Yingluck visiting the Four Seasons Hotel, where Ekayuth asserts that he was attacked by government figures after accusing Yingluck to have gone to the hotel to visit a secret lover. Right after the unit statement, Ekayuth lawyer, says those arrested for the crime of killing Ekayuth, has said in jail the murder was political. Ekayuth swindled billions from the Thais in a money pyramid game and escaped prosecution for exile in a foreign country and returned to Thailand when the cases expired. He also used the swindled money to pay soldiers to stage an un-successful coup. He returned to Thailand when the anti Thaksin hype in Thailand was at its height and became involved in attacking Thaksin. Once Yingluck came to power, he attacked Yingluck. Ekayuth finance many of the protest against government’s close to Thaksin, including Yingluck’s government.


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