Thaksin’s son, Oak, puzzled by police planned crack-down on “Line App”

Cross that line

Cross that line (Photo credit: docpop)

Thaksin’s son, Oak Shinawatra, have posted on Facebook that as a person who use the Line App to chat with his father, Thaksin, using Line App, he does not agree with police crack-down on Line users. “I do not believe police will crack-down on Line App users……..The police should respect the Thais right,” says Oak. AP reports; Thai police have asked the operator of the “Line” instant messaging app for access to records of online chats. Technology Crime Suppression commander Pisit Paoin says Tuesday that police want to review the data of users they suspect are involved in crimes including posting statements against the Thai monarchy, arms trading, prostitution and drug dealing. Thailand has draconian lese majeste laws and tries to scrub the Internet of statements critical of the king and his family. Pisit says his unit approached app operator Naver in South Korea, and in Japan where its servers are based, and is hopeful of cooperation. Line has more than 10 million users in Thailand. Last week, police questioned four people for posting coup rumors on Facebook and threatened to charge anyone who “liked” the postings. (Source: Oak’s Facebook)


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