Thailand to revise upwards its bio-diesel production target to 7.3 million liters/d

Chevron Corporation

Chevron Corporation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thailand is planning to revise upwards its biodiesel production target to 7.3 million liters/d by 2021, compared with an earlier target of 5.9 million liters/d, under its Alternative Energy Development Plan (2012-2021), a source at the Energy Policy & Planning Office told, Tuesday. Thailand’s current biodiesel production is about 2.8 million liters/d, said the source. The Energy Policy & Planning Office comes under the purview of Thailand’s Ministry of Energy. Cassava ethanol has been a major focus — but there is sugar cane as well and, more recently, a series of investments by PTT Chemical in Myriant — aimed at giving Thailand a big seat at the table in biosuccinic acid. The Thailand Board of Investment has announced support for alternative energy investment in anticipation of a 39% increase in demand within the next 9 years. The government is pushing the use of alternative and renewable energy to reach 25% of total energy consumption in that time period. The board has implemented tax incentives for imported machines and materials, and foreign investors may own 100% of shares in the companies. Chevron’s local arm said it was undecided as whether it will introduce E20 when 91 octane fuel is phased out the end of 2012. Currently 91 octane represents about 40% of fuel demand while the rest is supplied by E5. The government this week raised the subsidy on ethanol by 1 baht per liter, which would make E20 nearly 10 cents cheaper per liter than 91 octane gasoline. (Source)


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