Yingluck’s Pheu Thai Party faults “Conspiracy Against Thai Rice” for Thai rice problems in global markets

Rice grains

Rice grains (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yingluck’s Pheu Thai Party has faulted the so called “Conspiracy to Topple Thai Rice” as the culprit to cause Iraq to tentatively cancel all that rice purchase. Anusorn Iemsaart, spokesman for the party, said, “ Concerning news that Iraq has stopped buying Thai rice for 3 years, even with Iraq having bought about 1 million of Thai rice a year, the government and the Commerce Ministry have left for Iraq to discuss the matter, but it is a difficult task. The epic drama about Thai rice occurred from certain groups of Thais, who everyday thinks of politics and release news, in a coordinated effort, about how bad Thai rice is and how bad the Thai rice subsidy is. These people do not care about Thailand’s interest and keep releasing news about the bad quality of Thai rice. It is an intentional conspiracy to destroy Thailand’s rice industry. I want to ask those involved that today, with the situation as it is, how are we going to solve the issue, because the market for Thai rice is now bad and the people have little confidence in Thai rice.” (Source)


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