Yingluck’s Pheu Thai Party asks if major flood hit, who will take responsibility

A flooded area and building just off Snoqualmi...

A flooded area and building just off Snoqualmie-Fall City Road below Snoqualmie Falls. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yingluck’s Pheu Thai Party spokesman, Anusorn Eimsaart, is raising questions if Thailand is hit by severe flooding, who is responsible. “Concerning the Administrative Court delaying the government’s anti flood infrastructure work, recent flooding in Thailand has proved to be an expensive lessen, because the flooding caused extreme hardship to 1,000s of Thais. From this point forward, if the anti floods infrastructure work is delay, more Thais will suffer and the country will be hurt. There is no reason why this spending should be delay. Pictures of severe flooding is starting to haunt the Thais again, with several major storm poised to hit Thailand. The situation looks similar to the big flooding a few years back. The government has tried to lay-down measures to prevent a repeat of the major flooding. But today, everything is quiet and there is only silence on the subject. If there is no anti flood infrastructure and a major flooding hit, who will take responsibility,” says Anusorn. (Source)


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