PTTCG pay 400 small fisherman US$1,000 each for a month of oil spill damage

Boat transport, Koh Samet in Thailand.

Boat transport, Koh Samet in Thailand. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

PTTCG, that cause an oil spill at Samet island last week, have paid 400 small-time fishermen in the area, about US$1,000 each for damage to their livelihood, for the period of 30 days, local Thai press, Thai Rath, report. About 50 tonnes of crude was leaked by PTTCG, and drifted to the island. High wave took the spill over barriers and the spill hit Samet island, a popular tourist island with many beaches. While only one beach of the island was hit, the oil spill saw tourist number fall. The payment was made as PTTCG is holding a so called “Big Cleaning Day” of a Samet bay area, where the oil spill swept across the white sandy beach. The small fishermen, mostly catch fish to serve the island’s tourism business, where the tourism business was badly hurt by the oil spill. Furthermore, tourist were afraid to eat the sea food on the island, as they fear contamination to the marine resource from the oil spill. Earlier, there were some problem with the payment as many fishermen rejected the payment as to small an amount. (Source)


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