Abhisit’s Dems MP blast Dems iconic figure, Pichai, for joining Yingluck brain-storm council

Pheu Thai Party

Pheu Thai Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Democrat Party MP, Malika, known as a sharp-mouth serpent, have blasted a Democrat Party iconic figure, Pichai, as an old-man with hearing difficulties. “I recently went to talk to Pichai and I think he can not hear me and is having hearing problems so I do not know if he understood the Pheu Thai MPs,” says Malika. Malika blasting Pichai, relates to Pichai accepting the Pheu Thai Party invitation to join a brain-storming forum on how to solve ThailandGreat Divide” and develop Thailand’s democracy. Pichai, accepting the invitation, comes after two highly respected Phue Thai Party went to personally invite Pichai. Pichai is a former Democrat Party leader who often speaks frankly about the Dems party currently. A few years back, Pichai, said the Dems was under the control of a gang of young MPs, who does not listen to elders anymore. Overall, apart from Malika, others have also came out to make statements, mostly saying that Pichai is acting on a personal account, not related to the party, even if Pichai is an elder and respected member of the party.


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