Red Shirts leader, Wang, wants Brad Adams of Human Rights Watch to resign

English: Human Rights Watch logo Русский: Лого...

English: Human Rights Watch logo Русский: Логотип Хьюман Райтс Вотч (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Red Shirts leader, Wang, lashed out at the UN’s human rights commission and at Human Rights Watch yesterday, telling both to seek to up-grade its information from the Thai Court, that just ruled 6 people at a Royal refuge temple, was assassinated by the military, with no black shirts involvement. The Thai court have also issued a similar finding, on other cases. The UN told Thailand to be careful not to grant amnesty to those directly involved in the killings of about 100 protesters, and to seek to include the recommendation of Thailand’s truth finding commission, that blamed all sides. Wang said, thus far, the court have not identified any of the so called black shirts, as the truth commission mentioned, but only death by at the hands of the military. Wang said Brad Adams, head of Human Rights Watch in Asia, should resign his post, if he is un able to produce evidence of black shirts. Wang said those responsible for the killings of protesters will not be granted amnesty under the current law, being debated in Parliament. (Source)

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