Mark Mobius, emerging market investment guru, recommends “Over-Weight” on Thailand stock market

Winning in Emerging Markets (book by Tarun Kha...

Winning in Emerging Markets (book by Tarun Khanna and Krishna G. Palepu) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mark Mobius, called the foremost emerging markets investment guru, whose investment return have under-perform in recent years, said he is “Overweight on Thailand” in a Reuters video interview. Mobius has been a key figure in developing international policy for emerging markets. In 1999, he was selected to serve on the World Bank‘s Global Corporate Governance Forum as a member of the Private Sector Advisory Group and as co-chair of the Investor Responsibility Taskforce.[6] He has also been featured as a speaker [7] for the World Bank in 1999 and has given seminars for many other groups, including for the Asian Development Bank in 2002[8] and as a motivational speaker for the London Speaker Bureau.[9] As a recognized industry expert, Mobius appears frequently on financial industry television shows and networks, including BloombergCNBCMSNBC, and CNN, and has given/written thousands of interviews and opinion pieces over the years. In addition, Mobius has earned numerous accolades from the investment industry.[4] Among them are:

  • One of “Top 100 Most Powerful and Influential People” by Asiamoney magazine. 2006.
  • Emerging Markets Equity Manager of the Year 2001″ by International Money Marketing, 2001.
  • “Ten Top Money Managers of the 20th Century” by the Carson Group, 1999.
  • “Number One Global Emerging Market Fund” by Reuters, 1998.
  • “1994 First in Business Money Manager of the Year” by CNBC, 1994.
  • Closed-End Fund Manager of the Year” by Morningstar, 1993.
  • “Investment Trust Manager of the Year 1992” by Sunday Telegraph, 1992.

Mobius has also been given various humorous nicknames over the years, including the “Pied Piper of emerging markets”,[10] the “dean of emerging markets”,[11] a world “globetrotter”,[12][13] and the Yul Brynner of Wall Street[14] due to his signature bald head look. Mobius is also a regular monthly columnist for the Asia Tatler group of magazines, wherein he authors a column on “Wealth”[15]


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