People’s Army unveil names of about 30 generals as backing the army

Pitak Siam

Pitak Siam (Photo credit: AK Rockefeller)

Several Thai press yesterday ran a list, given by the People’s Army, of military and police generals as backing the army. The names have few surprise attached to them, as most are already well known to be anti Thaksin and Yingluck. Some who made the list, such as retired general Saiyud Kerdpol, included in the list given out, told local press however, that he has nothing to do with the People’s Army. The People’s Army was going to unveil the names of the generals who backed them earlier, but said they did not have enough time to complie the list as 100s of generals have joined. The People’s Army said with generals joinning, Thai soldiers and their family will likely join the protest. The People’s Army is the new name for the Pitak Siam, a Fascist group that earlier protested the Yingluck government, where in the protest, the Pitak Siam ramed trucks into police line, in an attempt to break the line for passage to the Government House, to occupy it. The strategy of the Pitak Siam was to create instability, and force the military to stage a coup, for a period of internal Thailand clenching, similar to the 2006 coup. The People’s Army plans to start theirt protest against the Yingluck government today, preparing 40 large fans to blow back tear gas at the police line. Depending on how many protesters Abhisit’s Dems call up and bring, most expect the number of protest to be between 10,000 to 20,000. Yingluck have invoked the security act to handle the protest, saying she is concerned about violence.


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