Yingluck proposes brainstorming body for democratic reform

13652309731365231073lThai PM, Yingluck on Friday proposed the setting up of a brainstorming body comprising all different sides of society to boost Thailand’s democratic reform. However, right away the Yellow Shirts said they would not join as they say Yingluck is not sincere. In a rare statement posted on facebook, Yingluck called for the setting up of such a mechanism to raise brainstorms about political reforms in the course of democratic rule which, she said, should be made on a sustainable, constructive basis. The proposed brainstorming body should consist of members of all sectors of society, ranging from political parties, the government and opposition blocs to senators, academics, businesspersons, independent agencies and Red Shirt and Yellow Shirt activists, according to Yingluck. Yingluck said the Pheu Thai Party-led government will invite members of those different groups of people to discuss the groundwork for the setting up of such a brainstorming body next week. “Today, I am not suggesting that everyone should forget about the past. We should consider the past events as a lesson so that our country could go forward and step over the conflicts of opinion. Let’s turn the conflict into a constructive, mutual trust so that our democratic rule will be made sustainable and participated by all sides of society. Let’s pave way toward the making of a better future instead of a heritage of conflict for our future generations,” she said. Her statement came nearly a week ahead of next Wednesday’s House of Representatives’ meeting which will deliberate a government legislation to grant amnesty to all political prisoners and defendants following 2010’s army crackdowns on Red Shirt protesters and a few days ahead of an anti-government street protest led by the so-called “Protect Siam Organization”. (Source)


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